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1k Taliban insurgents killed, wounded in latest clashes: Official

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KABUL: Afghan top security brass said that Afghan security forces were killed and wounded at least 1,000 Taliban insurgents in recent clashes in different provinces.

Speaking in a joint press conference on Saturday, acting defense minister Yasin Zia said that conflicts have been intensified in the last few days in Kandahar, Helmand, Ghazni, Baghlan, Farah and Herat provinces, where the enemy sustained heavy casualties.

He said that several key commanders of the Taliban were also killed during the retaliation.

The Taliban were badly defeated in those areas, where the group fighters started clashes to create fears, he added.

Currently the Afghan security forces are in advancing positions and started recapturing those areas that previously had tactically retreated.

He said that the Taliban insurgents used civilian houses and holy places such as mosques as shields, which caused the Afghan security forces to carry out operations with caution in order to prevent civilian casualties.

He assured that the Afghan security forces would exert utmost efforts not to harm the civilians, but ensured they would target the enemy.

“We are engaging in war in several provinces, our forces have some casualties but not as much as the enemies,” Mr. Zia said.

Meanwhile, the National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib said that Taliban have no capability to gain power through war, because Afghan security forces will respond to their attack strictly.

Hinting to recent attacks by the Taliban in different provinces, he said that the group sustained heavy casualties.

Peace process can be the only way to reach stability in Afghanistan and the government is committed to the process, he added.

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