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2 dead due to border conflict between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan

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Kabul: Local sources announced that two people were killed and 4 others were injured as a result of shooting and border conflict between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

Local sources announced that as a result of the clash between the Uzbek border forces and Afghan border guards in the border area of ​​Shur Tepe city of Balkh province, two people were killed, four were injured and a number of others were arrested by the Uzbekistan border guards.

According to these sources, the conflict started after Afghan citizen came to the border strip to collect medicinal plants, and the Uzbek forces clashed with them. Then, in response to this attack, Taliban forces also opened fire on Uzbek border guards.

“Abdul Ghafoor Numan”, the commander of the Taliban police in Shoor Tepe city, of Balkh province confirms the occurrence of this conflict.

He stated that the people who were killed and injured were from the residents of Shor Tepe district who had gone to the border between the two countries to collect licorice plants.

The Uzbek media “Uzbek Daily” also wrote in the description of this event that a group of Afghan citizens were confronted by the border forces of this country after crossing the border, and as a result, all of them, who were 24 people in total, were detained for identification and investigative measures.

This media called the reason for what it called the border violation of Afghan citizens, their attempt to illegally enter border, but did not mention the occurrence of conflict and its possible casualties.

This is despite the fact that since the Taliban came to power their military forces engaged in sporadic clashes with border guards of neighboring countries, and the reason for this is the lack of information about border issues.

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