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20 dead, 80 troops defect to Taliban as clashes intensify in Faryab

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KABUL: Nearly 100 security forces have been captured by the Taliban as severe clashes linger across the province of northern Faryab. There is no information whether these forces are alive or killed by the insurgents.  

After the militants staged attacks on Qaisar district compound from various directions, the security forces retreated to Kohi village of the district, provincial officials said, adding that the village also fell to the Taliban.

Faryab Provincial Council Member, Abdul Manan Qati said that he received reports that 20 of the security forces were killed and 80 others surrendered to the Taliban. According to him, the Taliban seized seven Humvee and some weapons and ammunitions of the security forces.

“100 security forces, who stationed in Kohi village in a military base, with the collapse of the base, the control of the village is fell to the Taliban,” he said. “Around 20 of them were killed and the rest surrendered to the Taliban.”

A provincial civil rights activist, Maroof Mohammadi said that the insurgents took the captured security forces to Bori district.   

A local source talking on condition of anonymity said that the security forces were defeated due to shortage of reinforcement and air support.

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