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2,000 families displace in recent Faryab unrests

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KABUL: Some 2,000 families have displaced their villages as the new surge if violence threatened their lives in the northwestern province of Faryab.

Clashes between Taliban insurgents and government forces forced these people to flee their houses in the Qaisar district, according to provincial governor Naqibullah Fayeq.

He said Friday that Taliban attackers were driven back suffering heavy casualties.

“I see my homeless people. We assist them and I call on the people to join their security and defense forces to defend their villages as they did in the past,” Fayeq was quoted as saying by a statement.

Fayeq said that Taliban fighters were close to the center of the district, but were retreated by Afghan commandos and air force. He added that 47 militants were killed and another 27 injured.

Qaisar is an insecure district with Taliban militants being having active presence.

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