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23 killed in Parachanar blast

Shamim Shahid-PESHAWAR: At least 23 persons were killed and more than 100 other injured as a result of high intensity car bomb explosion in most busy and congested Bazaar at Parachinar, headquarter of Kurram Agency on Friday.

The killed persons included two women and a girl baby.  Conditions of several injured stated precarious and on such grounds, increase in number of casualties apprehended.

So far officials in political administration didn’t issued any formal statement regarding the latest deadly violent act in Parachinar city, dominated by Shia Turi tribesmen but local tribesmen considering a car bomb explosion.

Soon after the explosion, local Shia Turi tribesmen have staged a protest demonstration but the government made attempt for their dispersal through firing of tear gas shells and lathi charges. As a result, five to six tribesmen sustained injuries.  A tribal elder alleged that three protesters were killed when personnel of law enforcing agencies opened firing against them who were holding a peaceful protest.

Reports from Parachinar reveal that tragic bomb explosion occurred on one gate of Imambar Gah which is adjacent to most congested and busy bazaar. A large number of people were busy in shopping, when the explosion occurred. As a result of explosion, smoke and flames engulfed the site and for some time, people were unaware of the incident.

Local tribesmen, mostly elders from Shia community himself initiated rescue activities and they shifted the dead bodies and injured people to the Agency Headquarter Hospital. Syed Shabir Hussain Sajidi, an elder of Shia community when contacted said that almost rescue activities carried out by local people whereas officials of civil administration and personnel of law enforcing agencies reached too late. However, doctors and administrators declared emergency in the local headquarter hospital.

Syed Mohammad Konain, another elder and office holder of Anjuman Hussainia said that so far 23 dead bodies reached in Central Imam Bargah whereas 86 are injured. He said that some injured are still in critical conditions.  He also confirmed security personnel firing and lathi charge against the civilians who were staging a peaceful protest just to denounce failure of government in protecting lives and properties of civilians.

Both Syed Shabir Hussain Sajidi and Syed Mohammad Konain were giving comments and judgment that the government is responsible for frequent acts of terror in the region. They said that facilitators and supporters of these militants belong to Kurram Agency and all of them are known to high ups of both civil administration and security forces.

The Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) through a message informed that efforts are being made for airlifting of injured persons from Parachinar to Peshawar and other hospitals. So far 17 seriously injured airlifted from Parachinar to Peshawar hospitals.

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