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Afghans employ food rationing due to hunger crisis


Kabul: The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) released a report saying that millions of the Afghanistan citizens have resorted to skipping meal and rationing food due to the bad economic situation.

This department published a report today (Saturday) saying that despite humanitarian aid in the last three months, the economic situation of families in Afghanistan remains dire.

“Nearly half the Afghan population continues to employ crisis coping strategies, such as rationing out food or skipping meals, to meet their basic needs.” Adds the report.

Based on the announcement of this organization, about 24.4 million Afghan citizens have resorted to rationing or skipping meals to deal with the food crisis.

SIGAR added that after the Taliban came to power, issues such as drought, increase in food prices, paralyzed banking system, lack of liquidity and lack of job opportunities have had a negative effect on the financial condition of Afghan families.

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