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‘2,500 Taliban fighters entered Kabul during Eid days’

AT-KABUL: Some 2,500 fighters of Taliban had entered Kabul city during the days of Eid-ul-Fetr festivity that was declared ceasefire by both government and the militant group, the defense ministry said Monday.

Eid celebration by security forces and Taliban who came to Kabul holding their white flag, surprised the residents of capital.

In addition to Kabul, the militants entered other areas held by the government and posed for selfies with the security forces and people during the Eid days.

Defense ministry spokesman, said that half of the militants who came to the cities, did not return to their strongholds, adding that they were tired of continuing war.

“Half of the Taliban fighters who had come to Kabul and other cities, remained there because they said they were tired of war and wanted to join the government’s peace process,” Mohammad Radmanesh said.

Interior ministry said that the Taliban fighters were under police control, with its spokesman Najib Danesh as saying that: “We are ready to react to each act of the Taliban fighters in the cities.”

President Ashraf Ghani extended the eight-day ceasefire and called on Taliban to do so, but the insurgent group rejected the demand on Sunday, saying after the three days of Eid festival, they would resume fight against the government and foreign troops across the country.

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