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260 women serving as judges

AT News Report-KABUL: The head of Afghan Female Judges Association (AWJA) Shakila Abawi Shagarf said on Wednesday that 260 women were working in the judiciary body as judges. She added that women are enthusiastically taking part in judicial system of the country.

She furthered that among the 260 female judges, 225 are performing their noble jobs in the capital-city, Kabul, 21 in the southern Herat province, 11 in northern Balkh province and two others in Baghlan province.

Moreover, she demanded that at least one female should be appointed in the Supreme Court of the country.

“There should be at least one female judge in the supreme judicial organs and one at least in the selection board of the Supreme Court,” Shakila said.

“This would be key step forward that would definitely pave way for more justice and equality in the country.”

There has never been a female representation among the nine-member Supreme Court.

President Ashraf Ghani nominated Anisa Rassouli as a judge to the court in June 2015 but the appointment was not approved by the Parliament.

The government should take result-oriented and favorable steps to fulfill the demands of Afghan Female Judges Association. It would help us to improve the Afghan image against gender discrimination.

Women were banned from going to school and working outside during the Taliban regime (1996-2001).

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