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27 militants killed in raids: MoD

AT-KABUL: The Afghan National Security and Defence Forces conducted several operations against insurgents across the country in the past 24 hours, in which 27 militants were killed and 13 others wounded, security officials said Saturday.

In a press statement, the Ministry of Defence, said that Afghan security forces were supported by the air force during operations.

Nine militants for the Islamic State known as Daesh were killed in Nangarhar province during crackdowns, the statement said. Seven Daesh fighters were injured.

12 insurgents were killed and six others wounded in Kandahar, while in Zabul, four militants were killed and four others wounded, according to the statement.

Three militants were arrested in Herat province, the statement said, adding that 22 landmines were seized in Kandahar province.

“The confiscated landmines had been placed very technically by the insurgents.”

The statement furthered that the Afghan security forces always stand ready with all capacity to maintain peace and security for the Afghan masses.

11 Afghan National Army soldiers were also killed during operation conducted nationwide against foreign and domestic insurgents, the statement lamented.

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