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2nd death anniversary of Marshal Fahim commemorated

Pakistan warned to stop cross-line shelling

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: High-ranking serving and former officials on Tuesday in a special ceremony commemorated the second death anniversary of the former vice president Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ex- President Hamid Karzai termed Marshal Fahim as a patriot and national figure. Karzai said that Fahim was a man of great character and worked hard to foster national unity, defend freedom and the national sovereignty.

He said that Marshal Fahim had strong and firm determination to defend the country. “He never allowed enemies to invade over territory. Marshal was seeing Afghanistan as home of all Afghans. He aspired the national solidarity and was committed to defend the country. During his tenure, Marshal Qasim had played important role in resolving great national challenges,” Karzai said.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah said that late Fahim was not relevant to a specific tribe but he belonged to the whole nation.

Abdullah said that Marshal spent his life defending the country against Soviet Union and Taliban insurgents and he desired a stable and independent Afghanistan.

CEO termed the missile attacks from other side of the Durand Line as violation and aggression over the country and warned that people of Afghanistan would not tolerate such attacks.

He called on Pakistan to end the attacks, adding that Afghan government emphasizes over friendly ties with neighboring countries.

“Patience of our nation toward missile attacks doesn’t mean weakness. We want friendship with our neighboring countries, but it is also our responsibility to defend our country,” he said.

Abdul Rabb Rasoul Sayyaf, a prominent Jihadi leader, called on the neighboring countries to refrain from interference in the country.

Sayyaf asked the neighboring countries to support Afghanistan at this critical juncture. He warned that if the neighboring countries continued to interfere in Afghanistan then these countries would burn “like a dry wood”.

“Afghanistan is not like a sweet and smooth loaf of bread. It is a thorny loaf which rips the throat of its aggressors. Many powerful countries had desired to conquer this country, but they were defeated and left the country with empty hands,” he said.

He asked the international community should not forget Afghanistan at this critical time. “If terrorists find safe havens again in this country, this time neither eastern nor southern countries would have security,” he added.

Sayyaf termed armed struggle against Taliban insurgents legal and called on Afghan National Security Forces to fight seriously against enemies of the nation in every nook and corner of the country.

He warned that if insurgents create more threat to the country, Mujahideens are committed to stand beside ANSF and start fighting insurgents without getting permission from the government.

Speaking about the peace talks with Taliban, he pointed out that the government is responsible for building political consensus in this regard. “Bargaining over any part of the country in peace talks will be an unforgivable and great act of treason against the nation,” he said.

Deputy Chief of the High Peace Council, Karim Khalili, said that peace is essential but people would not accept peace with Taliban insurgents at the cost of reversal of the past 14 years achievements.

He said that there are redlines in peace talks which would not be violated, adding that peace talks led by Afghans are very effective than that initiated by the neighboring countries.

Marshal died as a result of a heart attack in his home in 2014. He was born in Panjshir province in 1957.


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