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2nd phase of Kajaki dam in offing

AT-KABUL: Several contracts were signed among Afghanistan’s ministry of energy and water, De Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat  (DABS) and  77 construction companies for implementing the second phase of Kajaki dam, presidential palace announced on Tuesday.

Construction of Zameen Dawar canal in the Musa Qala district of southern Helmand province is also the part of the contract. A number of contracts were signed between the representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Water, 77 Construction Company and De Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, President’s office statement said.

Deputy Minister of the Energy and Water ministry, Mohammad Gul Khulmi signed agreements with the head of the 77 Construction Company, Sulaiman Salif and DABS Director Eng. Amanullah Ghalib. The contract between the ministry of Energy and Water and the De Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat is based on purchasing the electricity. The signing ceremony, held at Presidential Palace was attended by the President Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, comprising ministers, public representatives and government officials, the statement added.

According the contract the 77 Construction Company would invest $175 million on completion of the second phase of the project that would be implemented under the public-private partnership to contemporary standards and put into service. Afghanistan could generate an estimated $93 million in revenue, once the Kajaki dame was completed, the statement furthered.

Moreover, Kajaki dame could boost up employment opportunities and supply electricity to the consumers. The Kajaki dame in Helmand and Kamal Khan dame in Nimroz province could be the milestone in influencing and attracting investment in private sector.

In addition to that, contracts for the construction of Zameen Dawar canal and the Musa Qala dam were also signed between Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Naseer Ahmad Durrani and the director of the 77 Company. Implementation these projects could help the country and its people in preventing natural floods, supply of electricity, irrigation and potable water in addition to generating job opportunities. However, the ongoing state sponsored terrorism, posing threats to these mega developmental projects. Based on reports, Iran has been fueling insurgency in southern parts of Afghanistan, aimed at creating instability and insecurity to prevent construction work of the dams. The government must take required initiatives to make sure the smooth construction of Kajaki and Kamal Khan dams to bring green and economic revolution in the country and lead the country on right and prosperous track.

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