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300 families stuck, starving as Taliban block roads to Faryab district

AT-KABUL: Officials in the northern province of Faryab say that Taliban fighters have blocked the roads leading to a village in the Pashtoonkot district, where 300 families have been stuck in a critical condition of starvation.

Abdul Ahad Eilbik, a member of provincial council said Monday that the militants surrounded the Sarhawz village, where hundreds of the members of public uprising militias as well as security forces and their families had been stuck.

He added that two villagers succumbed to starvation due to lack of foodstuff.

“The pro-government forces and all other ones related to them are surrounded by Taliban insurgents in Sarhawz area. Unfortunately, a child and an old man lost their lives on Saturday due to hunger and people there are facing serious foodstuff problems,” Eilbik said.

Mohammad Wali Rahmani, commander of the public uprising (a pro-government entity with militia-like men) in the area, said that security forces were also surrounded along with the public uprising warriors.

He added that civilians use the foodstuff dropped by helicopters for the soldiers and police. “People’s problems are too much as they don’t have access to foodstuff and medicine. A four-year old boy passed away due to hunger. Officials in Kabul are not listening to us.”

“The roads to Sarwahz have been blocked for two years. Although our security forces are equipped and armed through the air, and we are doing our best to solve the people’s problems,” said Javed Bedar, provincial spokesman.

Sarhawz lies in the Pashtoonkot district some 60 kilometers from the provincial capital, Maimana city.

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