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31 schoolgirls poisoned in Maidan Wardak

“The girls were poisoned in Marakazi Behsud district of Maidan Wardak province. They are back at home after receiving medical treatment”, Khogyani said.

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: As many as 31 schoolgirls were poisoned in Marakazi Behsud district of central Maidan Wardak province, official said on Wednesday. The girls became ill at their school while they were busy in classes, but they were stated to be in stable condition.

Governor’s spokesman, Attaullah Khogyani said that the incident took place in Baba Wali High School in Koh Biroon area of Markazi Behsod district on Tuesday afternoon. He said that poisoned girls were belonged to classes ranging from grade 10, to 11 and 12.

The victims were shifted to the nearby hospital immediately after the incident took place, he said. All the girls were discharged after receiving medical treatments, he furthered.

The nature of the incident is still unknown, he said. “Security officials have started an investigation into the incident to identify the reason of the poisoning,” Khogyani said.

However, Provincial Public Health Director Dr. Ghulam Farooq Mukhlis, without giving further details regarding what kind of poison was used, said that 26 girls and five boy students were poisoned in the incident.

Poisoning attacks at schools are often carried out by the Taliban insurgent who oppose education for women. During their regime, girls’ education was banned. But after the collapse of their regime in 2001, girls were officially permitted to attend school.

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