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34 civilians killed in one week of bloodshed

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KABUL: A disturbing and bloody escalation of violence has taken the live of 34 civilians in the past one week across Afghanistan after the increase of full-fledged attacks by the Taliban group.

In addition to that 62 more civilians received injuries, said National Security Council Spokesman Javid Faisal in a press conference on Saturday.

Ongoing attacks are taking a devastating tool on the civilians and the Afghan security personnel as at least 98 Afghan security forces reported to have been killed in one week of bloodshed.

The Afghan security forces are defending the country, Faisal said. “309 Taliban rebels were killed and 210 others were wounded in the past one week.”

The unabated violence will continue during month of Ramdan after the Taliban has turned down the call for ceasefire. President Ashraf Ghani offered ceasefire on the this period, but Taliban termed it unfeasible, accusing Kabul administration of creating hurdle ahead of peace process and also reluctant to release their prisoners promised in the peace deal hammered with US on February.

An intensified war coalesces with a marathon peace process and the excruciating task of getting the militant Taliban in the negotiating table. Fears rise of an unabated spate of Taliban hostility and terro attacks amid an exchange of prisoners between the government and the Taliban.

Taliban should let health workers to go to areas under their control to fight covid-19, Faisal said. “Vulnerable people are there and there is need for medical team.”

Afghanistan has 1,463 confirmed Coronavirus as of Saturday, and the Afghan officials are grappling with the disease with meager sources and fragile health system.

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