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4 killed, 18 injured in car bombing near airport in Afghan capital

KABUL: Four people were killed and 18 others wounded when a suicide car bomb exploded near the airport of the Afghan capital Kabul on Sunday, sources said.

The blast took place after one attacker detonated his car bomb close to a military convoy belonged to EUPOL (European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan), which is in charge of training Afghan police forces, a security source said.

One EUPOL personnel aboard the vehicle and two passers-by were killed in addition to the attacker by the blast, the source said anonymously.

The nationality of the foreigner killed in the attack remained unknown, EUPOL, said while confirming three other occupants of the vehicle were also injured.

Spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Interior, Sediq Sediqi said that two civilians were killed and 18 others including women and children were injured in the attack.

The blast also damaged several shops and houses as well as vehicles in the area.

The government troops cordoned off the area shortly after the blast, keeping people from gathering at the scene for fears that there might be a second blast.

Taliban claimed credit for the attack and said seven foreign soldiers were killed and five injured in the attack.

The Taliban-led insurgency has been rampant since April 24 when the militant group launched its so-called annual spring offensive in different places of Afghanistan which had claimed hundreds of lives including militants, security personnel and civilians.

The Taliban urged civilians to stay away from official gatherings, military convoys and centers regarded as the legitimate targets by militants besides warning people not to support the government.

Some 974 civilian were killed while 1,963 injured in the first four months of the year, a 16 percent increase over the same period of last year, according to UN mission officials in the country.

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