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4 sentenced to death in Farkhunda killing case

KABUL: The Kabul primary court on Wednesday sentenced four main accused in Farkhunda’s killing case to death and awarded 16-year prison term to eight others.

Safiullah Mujaddedi, the primary court judge, in the fourth day hearing into the case ruled that Zain-ul-Abedin son of Gulabuddin, Mohammad Yaqoob son of Mohammad Yasin, Mohammad Sharif son of Sharafuddin, Abdul Bashir son of Abdul Shakoor were the main accused in mob killing and burning of Farkhunda’s body and the accused were awarded capital punishment.

According to Mujaddedi, the eight others accused who punished to undergo 16-year imprisonment included Ghiasuddin, Hasibullah, Akramuddin, Mohammad Imran, Abdul Fatah, Ghulam Mohammad, Mohmand and Sayed Noor Rahmad.

Farkhunda 27 was killed by charged mob in the heart of capital Kabul and her body was torched near the banks of Kabul river.

People claimed she had burned copies of holy Quran, but a fact-finding commission later found no copies of the holy book was burned.

Mujaddedi, however, remarked that the ruling was not final and that the accused reserved the right to appeal in the appellant court.

He ruled that 18 others accused have been set free because of lack of evidence.

They included Mohammad Hakim, Mahmood, Mohammad Zahir, Sherzai, Keramuddin, Hezbullah, Shafiq Ahmad, Ashaq, Rabiullah, Abdul Baqi, Jan Aqa, Hamed, Jan Aziz, Jawad, Raes Khudaida, Zahed Ahmad, Ajmal and Ziarat Gul.

The judge ruled the court would release verdict next Sunday into the case of 19 policemen accused of demonstrating negligence in Farkhunda’s killing.

He noted the three other main culprits Pahlawan, Pacha and Mohammad Hussein wanted in the case were still at large and security officials had been directed to nab them and bring before the court.

Farkhunda’s parents were present during court’s ruling. Mohammad Nader, Farkhunda’s father, said: “I want these criminals to be punished. Let it be a lesson for the people to avoid committing such acts in future.” (PAN)

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