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40 Afghan nationals have been freed from Karachi’s prison in Pakistan


Kabul: The press release, published on Monday, March 4, does not mention the reasons for the detention and the duration of imprisonment of these individuals.

According to the press release, the released individuals have been transferred to Afghanistan.

The release of these individuals comes amidst the ongoing deportation of over a million Afghan immigrants without legal documentation from Pakistan.

The International Organization for Migration had previously stated that more than 500,000 migrants have returned to Afghanistan since the deportation orders were issued.

Meanwhile, over 5,000 Afghan migrants without documentation have been returned from Pakistan in the past week alone.

The returning Afghan refugees face dire conditions in Afghanistan, exacerbated by a severe humanitarian crisis, and lack of adequate shelters, medical care, and employment opportunities.

With the harsh winter intensifying, the plight of returning refugees is worsened, as they struggle to find necessities for survival.

The international community and aid organizations are called upon to provide urgent assistance to address the humanitarian needs of Afghan returnees and mitigate their suffering amid challenging circumstances.

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