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421 govt. posts remain vacant in Paktia: IARCSC

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KABUL: Amid troublesome joblessness, the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) reports of hundreds of government posts being vacant in southeastern Paktia province, something that has adversely affected the official affairs in government organizations.

Aminullah Jawad, head of the IACSC, called vacancies on paper a serious issue, adding a biometric process was underway for all employees across the province in order to deal with it.

Jawad said his department had identified all vacant government posts which totaled to 421 in the province and assured of filling those positions within six months of the current fiscal year through transparent and proper methods.

“We face many problems in terms of assessment. Evaluations remain imaginary. The main reason behind the failure to utilize budgetary allocations is that a worker remains absent but is assessed positively,” he added.

Mumtaz Karokhel, a member of the provincial council, blamed the local administration for the situation. He stressed the filling of all government positions in a transparent manner.

“The governor’s office cannot perform even half of its duties. When you ask them, they cite a shortage of workers and say key posts remain vacant in every government office.”

Loqman Hakim, a civil society activist, lamented that joblessness forced youth to go to foreign countries through smuggling routes at a time when hundreds of government posts remained vacant. “Our youths with bachelor’s and master’s degrees are jobless but thousands of posts remain vacant,” he grumbled.

This is while joblessness in Afghanistan has time and again compelled thousands of youth to leave the country in hope of better life and job opportunities.

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