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45 Taliban insurgents killed in offensives

Security and defense forces launched anti-Taliban operations in different provinces, killing more than 45t insurgents and wounding 13 others over past day, said the military.

A statement said that Afghan National Army (ANA) conducted anti-terrorist crackdowns and clearance operation in collaboration with the Afghan National Police (ANP) and intelligence forces in Nuristan, Ghazni, Kandahar, Herat, Kunduz, Ghor, and Badakhshan, Uruzgan and Helmand provinces. ANSDF shelled and bombed enemies hide houses with air strikes and artilleries.

During these military crackdowns six insurgents were killed and 3 others wounded in PashtoonZarghon and KashkKhana districts of Herat, four militants were killed and some weapons, ammunition along with seven round BM-1 bullets and 20 round mine eliminated in Rajwani village central district of Uruzgan and four insurgents were killed another one was wounded in Sarobidistrict of capital Kabul.

Similar in aerial operations 14 insurgents were killed, some weapon and ammunition captured in Noor Garam district of Nuristan, eight insurgents including a local commander of Taliban QariShafiqullah were killed and 3 others wounded in Imam Sahibdistrict of Kunduz, eight insurgents were killed, three other wounded and three sanctuaries of enemy’s were destroyed as well in Arghistandistrict of Badakhshan and six insurgents were killed in Dowlina district of Ghor province.

Afghan national forces conducted seven aggressive and clearing operations and 108 Special Forces operations, also air force launched 171 missions including nine air strikes.

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