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5 Afghans fatally stabbed in Turkey


Kabul: Police on Thursday discovered the bodies of five Afghan nationals who were stabbed to death inside a house in the Turkish capital Ankara, the country’s state-run news agency reported.

The five bodies were found after family members’ contacted police and reported the five to be missing, Anadolu Agency said.

Afghan officials based in Turkey have also confirmed the death of these five Afghan nationals, although they have withheld information on their identities.

They stated that the bodies were taken to a hospital for further examination and forensics and that the Turkish police had not revealed the identities of these victims to the Afghan embassy.

According to the families of these five victims who spoke to local Turkish media, the victims were not in contact with their families for over a week.

According to news agencies citing unidentified police officials, these Afghan nationals seemed to have died from knife wounds a week ago. It also stated that prosecutors have opened an investigation into the deaths.

The five were reportedly discovered dead in Ankara’s low-income Önder area, which is populated by refugees from Afghanistan and Syria.

This comes after violence broke out in the neighborhood last year when a vengeful mob destroyed Syrian houses and businesses in retaliation for the deadly stabbing of a Turkish teenager.

Four million refugees and migrants are hosted in Turkey, including roughly 420,000 Afghan nationals. The occurrence of crimes such as homicide and theft in impoverished and migrant communities, according to Turkish migrant rights groups adds to the difficulty of the life of migrants in Turkey.

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