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5 govt employees killed in Guldara gun attack

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KABUL: Unknown gunmen have killed at least five government employees in Kabul outskirts, an official said on Sunday, after they were forcefully dragged out of their homes in the midnight.

Masked men have gunned down five government employees in Dashti Nasiri area on Saturday night, said spokesman for the Kabul police. Ferdaus Faramarz said the police have launched a thorough investigation into the attack.

“The gunmen stormed houses of the five government employees, dragged them out and took them hostage to Guldara district in middle of the night and killed them in cold blood,” said district chief of Shakardara district, Qohar Khan Babari.

He confirmed that all victims were Shakardara residents and served in the government. But he couldn’t make heads or tails of the motive behind the attack.

The Taliban have presence in Guldara and Shakardara districts.

The gun attack comes amid warnings by local officials about a surge in targeted killings there and that the Taliban often target government employees, tribal elders, and security forces members.

This comes as targeted killings of government employees, military personnel and civil activists, journalists and prominent individuals are on the rise in Kabul city, for which the government levels the blame on the Taliban as a tactic to sow fear.

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