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5 killed in suicide blast outside foreign ministry


Kabul: At least five people were killed and several others were injured in a blast outside the foreign ministry in capital Kabul on Wednesday, officials said.

Kabul police chief Khalid Zadran said an explosion took place on the road outside the Afghan foreign ministry in which five of “our civilians were martyred” and a number of others were injured.

“The Islamic Emirate condemns such an aimless and cowardly attack on Muslims. The perpetrators will be found and punished for their evil deeds,” Zadran said.

The EMERGENCY hospital director said that “We have received more than 40 patients in the hospital; it is difficult to draw up a final number. We are continuing to respond.”

The regional affiliate of ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack later Wednesday on the group’s media.

Another official, Ahmadullah Mutaqqi, brother of Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutaqqi, said a suicide bomber wanted to enter the ministry but he could not reach his target.

“Security officials detected him at the gate and the bomber blew himself up,” Ahmadullah said.

He said the incident occurred when the majority of foreign ministry officials were away and thus the casualties were fewer.

He denied social media reports that the blast took place when Taliban officials were holding a meeting with Chinese officials. “There was no meeting in the ministry,” Ahmadullah added.

Afghanistan has faced an insurgency by ISIS terrorists who have targeted foreigners at certain sites, including the Russian and Pakistani embassies and a hotel catering to Chinese businessmen.

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