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50 rockets fired from Pakistan hit Kunar

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KABUL: The Pakistani military fired at least 50 rockets on the eastern province of Kunar, authorities said on Tuesday.

Provincial Governor, Mohammad Eqbal Sayed said that 50 rockets were fired by the Pakistani border forces from the other side of the Durand Line.

The rockets landed in the Shiltan district of the province, he said. No human casualties were reported but according to officials, the residents suffered financial damages.  

Pakistani army has frequently targeted border areas in Afghan soil with rockets and mortars over the past, but despite undeniable evidences regarding the attacks, political leaders in Islamabad are not ready to admit the attacks. The rockets are mostly fired on remote villages in Kunar province in the eastern Afghanistan, but Pakistani military fire rockets on the border areas of Kandahar province in the south as well.

Kabul accuses Pakistan for interfering in Afghan affairs by harboring, financing and arming the Taliban militants who carry out attacks against Afghan defense and security forces and cevilians.

Pakistan reject the allegations and claims that the Afghan government shelters Pakistani Taliban who are claimed to fighting against Pakistan forces. Kabul denies the accusation as baseless and untrue.

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