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500 displaced children complete circus training programs

By Akhtar M.Nikzad: KABUL: As many as 500 displaced children completed three-month circus training program at the Afghanistan Educational Children Circus (AECC) here on Tuesday.

The internally displaced children celebrated their graduation ceremony with juggling and acrobatic shows. The ceremony was also attended by parents of the children to see their loved ones on the stage.

Najiba, a 7-year old girl, said the event was full of joy because for several years she was living in a tent in the IDP camp but never got the opportunity to see such a colorful ceremony.

Najila, a student of the AECC, said the circus was providing food and transportation facilities in addition to training and safe environment. The parents also expressed their joy and said that their children have left the dark past to have bright future.

Noor Ahmad, whose three children completed the training programs, showed optimism regarding future of his children in the field. “Three months ago my children could not read any writing, but now they are able to read the Holly Quran and pray as well. They can perform some juggling and acrobatics tricks,” he said.

Circus Manager of AECC, Khalilullah Hamid, told Afghanistan Times that 500 children including girls learned different skills including drawing, calligraphy, photography and acrobatic. He said the training programs had significant effects over the capacity and abilities of the children.

The Afghanistan Children Circus Training Center was founded in 2002.

The Afghanistan Children Circus Training Center is active in Herat, Ghor, Bamian and Badakhshan provinces.

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