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51 civilians killed on deadly Tuesday

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KABUL: Afghanistan was under attack on Tuesday. Taliban and their sponsors killed 51 civilians and wounded 115 including mothers and newborns, doctors and mourners at a funeral, said the nation’s National Security Council on Wednesday.

“Tuesday alone, Taliban and their sponsors killed 51 civilians and wounded 115, including new born babies, new mothers, doctors, nurses, and mourning people at a funeral,” said Javid Faisal, spokesperson for the NSC.

He went on to say, “Afghan babies aren’t different from those elsewhere in the world, why kill them minutes after birth. They kill our babies in cradles. It is the pain of a nation. It’ll neither be forgiven, nor forgotten.”

Terrorists stormed a maternity hospital in west of Kabul on Tuesday morning, killing at least 8 people including four women and children, in a gun battle with security forces that lasted for hours.

At least three attackers wearing police uniforms entered a maternity hospital in Dashti Barchi and threw grenades and indiscriminately opened fire on patients, government officials said. Eyewitnesses recall a loud explosion heard at the entrance of the maternity hospital packed with women, children and doctors. Black smoke continued to rise into the sky over the hospital.

In another terrorist attack, a suicide bomber killed more than 24 mourners in an attack on a funeral in eastern Nangarhar province. The attacker detonated his explosives in the middle of the funeral ceremony of a local commander in Khewa district on Tuesday, said Atahullah Khogyani, spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province.

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