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6 foreign companies bid for winning ‘air control’ contract

AT-KABUL: Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) on Monday discussed proposals from six foreign airways companies for winning the contract of air control.

The ACAA said in a statement that the consultative meeting exchanged views on different aspects and conditions of the contract with representatives of the companies. Names of the companies were not mentioned in the statement.

The ACAA deputy chief, Mahmoud Shah Habibi, said the bidding process will continue for upcoming 10 days. “We will review the proposals after 10 days. We will award the contract to a company with higher capacities and capabilities” he added.

Air traffic control of Afghanistan is administered by American contractors since 2001. The US companies were expected to train local talents to work in this important field. But the process failed due to a number of reasons, including visa problems, and vanishing of a number of officials who were sent for training to the United States.

The ACAA officials recently said that Afghans did not have the capacity to control the air space. However, they said 50 percent of the air control-related activities were controlled by Afghans.

At least 350 planes pass through Afghan air space every day.

The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) in its recent report revealed that the United States has spent $562 million for improvement of Afghanistan aviation sector in past 13 years but Afghan have not received any training in this field yet.

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