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600 US troops may stay in Afghanistan: Official

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KABUL: Around 600 American soldiers are planned to stay in Afghanistan after the US pulls troops in the near future, a US diplomat said, adding that the remainder troops would provide security for American diplomats and for Kabul airport.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, said Monday that everyone was disappointed with the peace process, but still Washington tries to bring Taliban to negotiation table with the help of its regional partners.

“All are disappointed with the slow peace process. Efforts were made to encourage Taliban to attend an offered peace plan. Taliban’s disability and reluctance to the Turkey peace talks disappointed the international community. We are working with our partners in the region including Pakistan, Qatar and even Russia and China to persuade Taliban to join the peace negotiations,” said the US diplomat.

Earlier, the Associated Press had reported that the US wants to keep 650 troops for the security of the US embassy in Afghanistan.

The US officials had said that “hundreds” of soldiers would remain until September to help the Turkish troops in providing of Kabul airport security until the latter troops take over the responsibility from them.

The US officials say that troop withdrawal would process would complete in September 11, but unofficial reports say the process has accelerated and the last American soldier would leave the country in early or mid July.

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