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61 tons of hashish seized in Kabul

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Counter Narcotics Police (CNP) have discovered and confiscated 61 tons of hashish during an operation in Kabul.

“The CNP especial unit conducted the first ever ground and air independent operation on Saturday seized six big hashish caches in the Khak-e-Jabbar district of Kabul province,” said Deputy Minister for Counter Narcotics from the Ministry of Interior Baz Mohammad Ahmadi.

He said 61 tons of hashish confiscated in the mentioned caches and torched in the area.

Smugglers linked to the hashish caches before conducting operation has fled the area, but operation going on to arrest them, he claimed.

He elaborated that CNP also has arrested 284 suspects in the past one and half months across the country.

1.34 tons of opium, 6.84 tons of hashish, 10.25 tons of chemical precursors, 480kg heroin and 1.888 tons alcoholic beverages discovered and seized from the possession of mentioned smugglers

The CNP also have conducted 1,422 anti-drug operations in the past seven months, which through succeeded to arrest 1,692 suspected smugglers across the country, he noted.

He highlighted that seven police officer who were involved in drug trafficking were also detained.

All the dossier of arrested drug runners after proceeding submitted to the judicial organs for further inquiry, he asserted.

Pointing to achievements in Kabul city Deputy Minister for Counter Narcotics said that 700 small drug seller have been arrested in Kabul city in the past seven months.

He said that CNP will strive hard to seriously fight against drug traffickers in Kabul, but low capacity and shortage of personal has marred the anti-narcotics drive.

He said that CNP has only ten anti-narcotic police officer for Kabul, which never could be accountable to a city with five million population like Kabul.

Insecurity directly linked with poppy cultivation and narcotics is an indirect financial resource for Taliban, thus big hands are behind drug cultivation, production and smuggling, he insisted.

It is required of all national and international related organs to support CNP for further improvement in order to fight better against narcotics throughout the country, he underlined.

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