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63 cases of violence against women recorded in Kandahar

AT-KABUL: Kandahar authorities said Sunday a staggering sixty three cases of violence against women has been recorded in the southern province since June 2018.

Addressing a conference on prevention of violence against women, Kandahar Women Director Roqia Achakzai said over 63 cases of violence against women had been registered in the province over the past four months.

A statement carried by the women’s directorate quoted her as saying that out of 63 cases of violence, 18 pertained to beating, nine to divorce, two to heir issues, eight to feeding issues, one to forced marriage and one to self-immolation and 21 to coercion.

She said that some 90 people were granted with awareness campaign under the title of “Justice for all” in the past three months in order to decrease violence against women in the province.

Head of Primary Attorney Office against violence Zafar Ahmad Durani said that eight dossier of violence cases against women dispatched to the Primary attorney Office against women, which are under prosecution.

Meanwhile Kandahar Governor General Torialai Wisa, termed Ulema and tribal elders role important in fighting against violence against women and asked them to cooperate in the aspect.

He said that we are living in an Islamic society, so Islam beside men has given special rights to the women, which must be respected.

He stated that some of the rights of women are breaching and even scores of women face to oppresses in our society. Oppress

Women are oppressed stratum, defending from women’s rights will be on top agenda of the administrative affairs in the province, he underlined.

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