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70-year-old Afghan woman beats covid-19 abandoned at hospital

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KABUL: A 70 years old Afghan woman has fully recovered after contracting the novel coronavirus, which has claimed thousands of lives worldwide. But she is yet to be discharged from Afghan-Japan hospital where many patients are losing their lives battling the virus on a daily basis – and hundreds others are recovering. Her family members have abandoned her at the hospital since her recovery a month ago.     

She was brought to the Afghan-Japan hospital about one month ago after being infected with Coronavirus – and identified as “Fatima”.   

The doctors said that she had gone through several health conditions in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with extreme asthma. But his family has abandoned her since she was admitted at the hospital and no one showed up to take her home. She recovered from the virus about ten days ago, according to officials.

Robica, a nurse at the Afghan-Japan hospital said that Fatima has been struggling with mental pressure and anxiety after she found out that she was left by her family.

“We have once taken her to the address she gave us but her family was not there,” she added. “We did not find her family’s address so far.”

However the 70 years old woman survived the pandemic virus that mostly affects people with elder ages, dealing with the mental pressure is appearing to be another battle for her to get over.

According to Fatima, her husband is working in Yakaw-Lang district of Bamyan province but her family settles in the western area of neighboring Kabul.

“My step son brought me to the hospital and left me here,” she said. “It has been a month I am here waiting for my family.”

The officials at the hospital have called for her discharge from hospital – as Afghanistan scrambling with a first-rate health system that lacks enough facilities for the covid-19 patients.

But how long would she stay in the hospital, the doctors refrained themselves from expressing any comments in regards.

Over 80 covid-19 infected patients are presently admitted at Afghan-Japan hospital – hoping to survive the virus and return home. But not everyone is as lucky as Fatima to survive the pandemic; some of them would fail beating the virus and would simply lose their lives to it.

(Translated from Radio Azadi)

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