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70pc freed Taliban prisoners have returned to battlefield

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KABUL: A top official in the northern Faryab province said that a Taliban prisoner, who has been released based on the US-Taliban peace deal signed February 29th, was killed in the fight against the Afghan security forces. The deal stipulated the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners in exchange for the 1,000 Afghan security forces.

Provincial Governor, Naqibullah Faiq said that over 70 percent of freed Taliban prisoners have returned to the battlefield.

He identified the prisoner as Jamaluddin who had been arrested in Ghormach district of the province. According to him, Jamaluddin was sentenced to 20 years in prison and spent his 14 years of life behind the bars. Faiq said that 59 militants were freed from various prisons.

After more than ten rounds of peace negotiations between the US diplomats and Taliban representatives both sides reached a preliminary peace deal that also laid out the drawdown of the American troops in Afghanistan beside the release of 5,000 Taliban prisoners from Afghan government custody. The government initially has opposed to set free the militants but constant pressure by the US has made possible their release.

Earlier, the National Security Council said it has taken pledges from the prisoners not to return back to the battlefields. The interior ministry reported that more than 500 militants rejoined the insurgency.

But the Taliban have constantly turned down the reports, saying that the government seeks to target or recapture the prisoners at their homes.  

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