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8 family members die in roof collapse incident in Nangarhar

Eight members of a single family have died due to the collapse of the roof of a room in their house in eastern Nangarhar province.

Officials say that the incident took place in Wali Sar area of Shirzad District last night.

Malim Mashoq, Governor of Shirzad District says that the ones died included six children and two women.

According to Malim Mashouq, the roof in the mud house collapsed after heavy rainfall in the district.

He said that because the area is more insecure, they still have not been able to deliver the emergency assistance to the family.

It has been sowing and raining hard in parts of the country from the past few weeks and over three hundred people have so far died in snow or rain-related incidents across the country.

Also, Salang Highway which connects northern and northeastern Afghanistan with the capital Kabul has been closed due to heavy snow and avalanche falls.

The announcement was made by the officials this morning after at least five avalanches blocked the highway.

Officials say the highway will be reopened after the situation gets better. (KP)

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