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8-year-old boy kidnapped in Balkh

AT-KABUL: An 8-year-old boy has been kidnapped by unknown men in northern Balkh province, local official said, adding the kidnapped boy was son of a businessman.

Provincial Governor Spokesman, Sherjan Durani said, “The 8 years child was kidnapped from 2nd district f Mazar-e-Sharif city, while he was returning home from school.”

The kidnappers were droving Hilux vehicle without having plate number, the local official said.

Investigation has already begun in regard, he added, assuring of all out efforts to release the kid.

Heart-wrenching incidents, like kidnapping and murder have been intensified in the Northern Province, in which it was safest province years ago.

It has been also reported that a businessman who was transferring more than $4 million dollars from Kabul, have been shot dead in the same province a day ago.

Beside insecurity and poverty, human trafficking is another major issue being faced by most of Afghans. Children are kidnapped for different reason, such as ransom, sexual abuse, and family feuds.


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