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9.5 tons of narcotics torched in Kabul

AT-KABUL: The court of Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) on Wednesday said that over 9.5 tons of narcotics torched in Kabul.

A press statement issued by CJTF said that over 8.5 tons of the torched narcotics war related to big cases of smuggling, which was prosecuted by CJTF and the involved drug runners to these cases prisoner to 20 years.

The narcotics torched was included 152.21kg heroine, 445.878kg opium, 157kg morphine, 569kg hashish,  3.900kg crystal, 1.790 liters acid, 72.46kg chemical, 1.5 kg tablet K and 8145.496 liters of alcoholic beverages, said that statement.

The aforementioned narcotics and alcoholic beverages   discovered and seized in the past 11 months, underlined the statement.

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