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9 border force members killed in two Taliban attacks in Herat

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KABUL: Nine members of the Afghan border force killed and over 14 others were taken hostage after a number of Taliban insurgents attacked two checkpoints in Herat province, source said on Friday.

The attack happened on two outposts in Kohsan and Ghorian districts on Thursday night, TOLONews quoted sources as saying. The two districts share a border with Iran.

The districts fell to the Taliban following the clashes, according to the sources. At least 15 border force members were taken hostage by the Taliban following the attacks, it added.

Local officials declined to comment on the two incidents.

It’s worth mentioning that violence has remained high across the country despite the ongoing peace efforts to reduce violence in the first place and agree on a comprehensive ceasefire through diplomatic efforts to end the war.

Six children, all of them are members of one family, were wounded in a magnetic IED explosion in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif in Balkh province on Thursday evening.

The bomb targeted a vehicle belonging to a tribal elder from the province.

On the same day (Thursday), a rickshaw driver was killed in a blast in Kandahar. 

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