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9 soldiers, 20 ‘Taliban’ rebels killed in skirmish in Uruzgan

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KABUL: Local officials in southern Uruzgan said that at least nine Afghan security forces were killed after the Taliban fighters attacked their checkpoints in Dehradu district of the province.

Provincial Governor’s spokesman, Zargai Ibadi said that six other soldiers were wounded in the attack set by the Red-Unit of the militant group.

As part of the retaliation attack, over 20 Taliban were killed and eight other wounded in the airstrikes conducted by the Afghan Air Force.

The Taliban did not assert any remarks at this point but the militants have repeatedly had continued their attacks on the Afghan security forces despite signing a peace deal with the US.

To surpass the militants, the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has ordered the military-which had been placed defensive after the US-Taliban peace deal- to go to offensive posture, as the Taliban have denied several call of humanitarian ceasefire offered by the Afghan government and its allies.

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