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90pc Afghans support peace talks: Survey

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KABUL: A survey made by the Asian Foundation says that 90 per cent of the people of Afghanistan support peace negotiations between the government and Taliban.

The survey was released on Tuesday and has interviewed around 18,000 Afghans directly half of them women, while 80 per cent of them have been selected from rural areas.

These people were asked about security, elections, governance, economy, services, corruption and peace.

“More that 60 per cent of the people of Afghanistan believe that their country is heading toward an incorrect direction,” the survey said.

It said that more than 88 per cent of Afghans support peace talks with Taliban, from whom, 64 per cent have said they were sure the talks would have positive result.

The survey said that most of hopes were expressed in the eastern and southwestern areas with 77 per cent and 73 per cent respectively, while only 38 per cent of people in the central provinces said they hope peace talks would give results.

Three-fourth of the people have said they didn’t know about the details of talks.

The survey said that 34 per cent of people want government’s cooperation with the former Taliban fighters who are now joining the peace process.

Some 55 per cent of people said they support the constitution, 54 per cent support central government, 46 per cent support freedom of speech and 18 per cent support foreign troops’ presence in Afghanistan.

66 per cent of people have said they wouldn’t vote for a president who would endanger women’s education, while 65 per cent have supported women’s social activities.

The Asian Foundation makes surveys each year through interviewing with thousands of people from different classes in Afghanistan on different subjects.

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