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90pc of 100-day action plan implemented: MoRRD

4,809 uplift schemes implemented in the past six months, says Minister

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MoRRD) on Tuesday said that 90 percent of the 100-day action plan was implemented.

Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Nasir Ahmad Durani, said that out of 1,310 targeted infrastructure projects in 100-day action plan, the ministry implemented 1,146 projects in the past two months. The projects include construction of drinkable water supply networks, digging of wells, asphalting of roads, and construction of bridges.

Speaking at a press conference here he said that out of Afs4.2 billion worth projects in the 100-day action plan, Afs3.65 billion has been spent over the uplift schemes in the past two months.

He said that by implementation of 100-day action plan, the ministry created hundreds of jobs for daily wagers (974,400 days). About 2.6 million people benefited from the projects.

The minister further said that MoRRD was on the right track in implementation of 100-day action plan and would complete in coming weeks. Drafting of 280 rural developmental plans and Shuras (councils) were targeted in the action plan, where the ministry succeeded to draft 277 developmental plans and establish councils in different provinces.

Following the action plan the ministry has established loan facilities in the rural areas. About 4,809 uplift schemes were implemented in the past six months. The completed projects include 1272, water supply schemes, 1068 irrigation, 213 rural energy, 1559 transportation, 155 education, 11 health and 519 others.

He claimed that his ministry has spent 49 percent of development budget in the first quarter of the year. The ministry has also signed the agreement of 312 development projects in the past six months, which totally cost over Afs1.7 billion.

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