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98 insurgents killed during last week

AT-KABUL: Ninety eight insurgents have been killed in ground and airstrikes in Nangarhar. A press statement released by the Nangarhar governor office police chief Fazl Ahmad Shirzad quoted him as saying that 98 insurgents from two different groups have been killed in a ground offensives and airstrikes in a number of districts in the past two weeks. He said the insurgents were killed in Achin, Kot, Haska Maina, and a number of other parts of the province including the outskirt of the capital city Jalalabad. The statement added that four landmine-experts were also arrested in the fourth jurisdiction of Jalalabad, and sent for prosecution. “Nearly 230 kgs of hashes, 37 kgs of opium and two motors were also seized in the operations,” the statement added.  “Security forces have come under attack from the Taliban more than ten times during the past week, but no casualties have been reported,” the statement said. Shirzad said that security forces were going to launch a number of operations in the near future in order to clear the remote areas of the Taliban insurgents. Fourth Corpse Commander Gen. Naseem Sangeen said ten landmines and some other explosives were seized from a rickshaw in area not far away from Jalalabad city. “As many as 25 more landmines were recovered from different roads in parts of the province,” he said.

He added that security along the Jalalabad-Torkham and Jalalabad-Kunar highways has been rammed up so that passengers could travel in a terror free environment.

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