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A big shame: 3rd day of parliament session also ends in brawl over speaker

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KABUL: Tensions on the election of parliament speaker entered its third day as members of new legislative organ failed to agree on a speaker.

On Sunday, two lawmakers Mir Rahman Rahmani and Kamal Naser Osuli competed for the position as finalists. They secured 123 and 55 votes respectively from 247 MPs present, Rahmani failed to gain the 50 per cent plus one vote to become speaker, but was announced by the parliament’s temporary speaker as the winner. This caused severe reactions by Osuli and his supporters, who accused the temporary speaker of taking bribe Rahmani.

A committee combined of lawmakers tried to resolve the problem occurred just on the first day of the new parliament session, but failed to convince the two sides.

“Mr. Rahmani’s supporters argue that the votes in the box are standard, thus he is the winner, while the opposition side says that 247 votes are the standard that Mr. Rahmani couldn’t gain enough votes. This caused scuffle,” said lawmaker Sayed Abdul Qayyoum Sajjadi, who was also member of the committee.

Differences were followed by scuffle among the lawmakers and security forces mediated to prevent physical encounters.

Farooq Wardak, state minister for parliament affairs, warned that if the members of parliament couldn’t reach agreement, lawful bodies would interfere.

“What happened yesterday in parliament is regrettable. We expect them to expose the values as representatives of people who wisely voted for them. We hope that respectful lawmakers not divide the great national house by ethnic lines for their personal interests,” said Wardak.

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