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A bittersweet chance for peace must not fail to spot

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KABUL: A number of religious scholars urged that nobody should make obstacles before the peace process.

The clerics gathered Monday in Kabul and welcomed a Taliban-US peace deal signed Saturday in Qatar, calling for a proper use of the achieved chance for peace.

The clerics accused President Ashraf Ghani of hindering the peace process just to stay in power.

These religious scholars also slammed India’s Hindus for bad behaving with the country’s Muslims, asking the international community to take steps for solution.

The US-Taliban peace deal was widely welcomed in Afghanistan, where everybody called it the beginning of a lasting peace.

The clerics also welcomed the deal, and called it the first step toward peace and stability.

The Islamic scholars called for the removal of any obstacles before the peace process and said the existing opportunity for peace and stability should be properly used and managed.

They expressed concerns over obstacles made before peace process.

These clerics accused President Ghani of making obstacles before the process and asked him to stop hampering the national process.

The Islamic scholars also demanded that the government and political parties should adopt a united stance in the intra-Afghan talks planned to be held within days.

They also asked the war parties to release each other’s inmates as good gesture to peace talks.

The clerics called on the United Nations, Organization of Islamic Conference and the Human Rights international organizations to pressure Indian government to stop tyranny against Muslims.

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