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A glimmer of hope rises as peace delegation visited Doha

A high level delegation of peace negotiations, led by chairman of the high council for national reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah, traveled to Qatar to meet with the Taliban representatives, discussing ways of meaningful peace negotiations. There have been several meetings held between the Afghan negotiating team and the Taliban delegation but they failed to make any forward progress. With the U.S. and NATO forces are ending their 20-year presence here, the violence has been significantly intensified across the country. Afghanistan has recently seen the highest number of casualties and rapid territorial gains by the insurgent group. However, a glimmer of hope reflect an optimism now as a high level delegation is set to push peace efforts and expectedly reach a political settlement. The Afghans have long ago wanted and supported meaningful peace negotiations that can secure the rights of every aspect of the society. A process- in which, everyone can see themselves. With conflicts ragging on across the country, the people have been facing top challenges including displacement, financial damages as well as tragedies of daily casualties. The people are traumatized and exhausted of long war. Instead of seeking military win to this proxy-war- which is imposed by the foreigners- the conflict sides should engage in negotiations and bring their wishes on the negotiating table. They shouldn’t spare any effort to reach a political settlement. But what is urgently needed at moment, is to reach a permanent ceasefire- and if not- at least a short time cease in fighting. The Taliban have no reason to continue their violence anymore as the U.S. and allied countries have almost reduced their presence to the zero level. A one-day earlier ceasefire can spare the lives of tens of people as an additional one-day can claim the lives of tens of people. The history has shown that unless we-Afghans not come along together, no foreigner is able to bring stability in this war-torn country. However, the support of international organizations such United Nations, European Union and Organization of Islamic Countries can play an effective role through their support from peace and stability in Afghanistan. Last-Eid was an obvious example of how happy and supportive are the Afghans for ceasefire and peace.  

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