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A letter to the President, from Panjshir

By Maria Hayat

Dear President Ghani,

Your recent statement, as President who ought to establish law and order, calling on the people of Panjshir Province is a clear sign of your hypocrisy and duplicity. 

The people of Panjshir have not and will not ever defend any criminal; but they do stand vigilantly against oppression and such a manipulative approach. 

The people of Panjshir are and have been the legends of braveness, courage and diligence against every aggressor and tyrant. They have scarified thousands of their sons against the Soviet Union invasion and later on – against the invasion of the army of  terror of the Taliban along with other patriotic people of this country. They, amongst others, have fought tirelessly just to build a system which you are now leading by obvious frauds and deceptions.

Whilst you dined with the Taliban in the West with full comfort; our people were and have been struggling with hunger, starvation and poverty. But with dignity and pride, they were not only a defensive shield for the country but also a defensive shield for the world against the savage terrorism of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The Taliban who as of this day, continue to murder our children, pregnant wives and fathers.  

Mr. Ghani! It is worth to be mentioned, that despite of all the major mistakes you have in your way of governance, you are committing the biggest mistake of turning fraud and corruption into a code of conduct and ethnic rivalry in the current governing system.

Unfortunately, it is becoming evidently clearer that you are creating divisions among the people –  whilst deceiving the citizens of Afghanistan and the global supporters of the country. One example of numerous instances being your MOI Spokesperson purposefully placing underage criminals’ ethnic background and family name on social media purely because they were Panjshiri. Albeit, this was not as such for criminals who were from varying provinces, not even the Taliban. 

Your irresponsible statement, wanted to show to the world that you are determined to fight with corruption yet you accused the people of Panjshir as the major obstacle to fight against corruption and fraud.  Most of your irresponsible and ignorant words has caused an untruthful indication that the people of Panjshir, in your opinion, are law-breakers and supporters of the corrupt. In turn creating a major infringement in your aim in fighting against corruption. 

Mr. Ghani! With a great fortune, people can see everything, witnessing through experience that corruption, lack of planning, inefficiency and lies have become key components of your governance. Charges of depravity against your former advisor and current head of administration office, devastating corruption by your relatives in the Ministry of Finance and Procurement, pillage and plundering of COVID-19’s budget donated by other countries, and building a 70 meters wall with a cost $1.8 million has turned into a joke among the people.

Which counter corruption are you talking about? As a ruler of a country, it is possible to fight against corruption selectively? Are you creating individual immorality or crime into a political and ethnical issue?

Crucially, through the course of your six years of administration, you have prevailed that you never truly belong to the honorable people of Afghanistan through your divisive messages and statements which the people have always heard from you. This is a great shame for a President and a source of disappointment for the people. Mr. Ghani, you have failed your duty as President and you have failed your people. 

As a President of a culturally and historically rich country such as Afghanistan, with the beauty of having fourteen different ethnic groups, requires a bigger heart, a broader outlook on representing all of your people fairly. Aiming to implement a society full of kindness where we appreciate one another’s differences and similarities instead of  constantly exacerbating dispute with another tribe.


The people of Panjshir.

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