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A new grand alliance is a must

Amid signs of growing relations between Russia and Syria’s autonomous Kurdistan region, Kurds, who are Washington’s key allies, are now trying to set up a diplomatic mission in Moscow. This development is studied by the United States and Turkey meticulously. In yet another welcoming but surprising development, Russia and Jordan have agreed to create a coordination center in Amman, to be used by the two countries for sharing information on the counter-terrorism operations. Russia is already in contacts with Iran, Syria and Iraq through a Baghdad-based center used for info-sharing against terrorism. The model looks promising as there is a basic difference between Russia and the United States. The later misuses its allies and cash their weaknesses. Wherever the US is engaged, it has been looked with disdain and suspicion. However, when it comes to alliances with Russia, one has no fear of being misused. This is a ray of hope that eventually Moscow is turning its face once again and is fascinated by the possibility of a new alliance with the Middle East. With the re-emergence of Moscow as a powerful actor at the international relations arena, many of the nations whose lands have been turned into a hellhole will have at least one partner, which is serious in fighting terrorism.

Now it is up to the nations who are under the siege of terrorists that whether they want to place or misplace their hopes and policies. When it comes to the fallouts of terrorism, Afghanistan is the worst affected nation. And when it comes to proximity and its historical ties with Moscow, it must not be floundering in its fight against terrorism as Russia has already offered to support Kabul in its anti-terrorism campaign. This is hoped the mistakes committed in the past by the two will not be repeated. The US and its umbrella organization NATO had failed in taming terrorism. Therefore, there is need for a new alliance between Russia and all the Muslim countries, particularly those affected by terrorism, if the world is serious enough in getting rid of this curse. China can also play a vital role in such an alliance, which unfortunately so far is nowhere in offing, yet it is call of the time that such an alliance must be forged. Terrorism is rife in those areas which are close to Russia and China. Therefore, responsibility of fighting terrorism lies more on their shoulders instead of those who have waged war on terror just for unleashing more terror. Today the world is more insecure it was before 9/11 and the reason is the allies were not sincere in weeding out terror rather they were too focused on protecting and prolonging their national interests. When it comes to national interests, the United States and Pakistan will ever remain in bad books of Afghans because it were they who turned Afghanistan into ruins. Even though, the United States is trying to rebuild it, but Pakistan is not letting it to do so as it sees its existential threats in Afghanistan’s rebuilding. Therefore, Kabul should cash the opportunity to be part of the new world order rather than acting as a silent spectator and relying on forces that abandoned it when it needed them. Timely and calculated decisions can change fate of the country. Our leaders must focus on alternatives instead of seeking help of those countries that are playing double games.

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