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A true friend through thick and thin

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KABUL: Life in 2020 is under existential threat globally. The entire world is frantically writhing in pain and flurry from the shockwaves of the fatal abominable COVID-19 pandemic. The time has not stood still for the global health crisis in the intervening months since its outset. Humanity could not be more unfortunately situated. The pandemic is – or it would be more prudent to say – Has sent the humanity to the brink of yet another unthinkable global disaster – unexampled for decades past since the second world war. Human intelligence has become stupefied so as to determine to what extent and how long the disease will be advancing globally – leaving all of us in a state of bewilderment and incredulous horror – and much less to find a plausible cure.

The disease has induced a conscious dread and a global hysteria. The strenousness of the COVID-19 is so devastating that the world’s most advanced nations have virtually been paralysed, and the fecundity of their technologies have failed them, so has their modus operandi. In fact, the unceasing search for an antibody to stem the spread or the worsening of the pandemic – with the use of the inventive and speculative mind, has floundered. The entire world is clasping at its claws, for the shortage of medical and protective equipment has so much incapacitated the countries so much as the acuteness of the outbreak itself has wrenched the global economy out of its gear.

That same absurd problem of shortages – as well as predestined shortcomings – has befallen and overwhelmed Afghanistan too. COVID-19 is, seemingly perceived to be in a slow pace but in actuality being a latent fast-spreading contagion, is heavily taking its toll on Afghanistan. Ever since its inception, there has arisen problem in the sphere of medical and protective gear, and diagnosis and medication complications, as well as the irreversible, crippling economic fallouts

But, Afghanistan has been neither physically nor mentally or culturally prepared for such a calamity yet. Yet, it needs true and capable friends to enable it to lift itself out of this crisis, (although the other irrepressible national crises which have been imposed and inflicted upon us by our unscrupulous so-called allies are subject to years of untiring effort for durable solution). In recent weeks, the government and people of China helped Afghanistan with indispensably necessary supplies, including ventilators and protective gear, to help subdue the virus. This, only the latest in China-Afghanistan cooperation to fight the COVID-19 epidemic, embodies the sincere, uncompromisable friendship between the two countries and their peoples. This inextinguishable benevolence of Sino-Afghan friendship and fraternity has consciously taught us that peace, in its true sense, can exist after all in this disquieting and oppressive world of the apathetics and the voluptuous capitalists.

Having nipped the virus, at its threshold, in its bud, China had indefatigably striven after a solution with a global approach. And having promptly acquired exhaustive knowledge so as how to suppress the virus, the Communist country has been equally generous in giving out that knowledge as well as the necessary equipment to many countries struggling with the COVID-19. Even so, the West is seeking to unreservedly stigmatize China’s staggering feat to nothingness with their malignant smear campaign, at a time when the spirit of collegiality and solidarity must give way to the unilateralistic behavior and the destructive blame.

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