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Abdullah admits shortcomings in October vote

KABUL: Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah acknowledges that the legislative elections held in October, had its problems. He said on Monday that delay in the announcement of parliamentary election results and postponement of the upcoming presidential votes occurred due to “technical problems”.

“Elections (presidential one) are sometimes attributed to peace and dialogues affairs, but the fact is that technical problems caused the postponement of presidential elections. We see the signs of that and unfortunately, we don’t have yet the results of parliamentary election. The parliamentary elections are facing problems with unknown reasons,” Abdullah said.

The statements come one day after Vice President Sarwar Danesh criticized the performance of electoral bodies, saying its weak performance brought government’s credit under question. He accused the two bodies of not doing their duties well.

Danesh emphasized on reforms in the electoral commissions, saying if they were not reformed, the presidential elections would be worse than the parliamentary votes.

The government is to sack the commissioners of the independent election commission after the announcement of results of the parliamentary elections, according to reports.

“We had a parliamentary election by which people are concerned. The delay in the result announcement has worried people more. We hope that the election commission announce the results of parliamentary elections as soon as possible,” said parliament speaker, Abdul RaoufEbrahimi.

Meanwhile, the election commission asks people and politicians to help them instead of pressuring, with Zabi Sadat one of the commission’s spokesmen calling the delay in announcement of the results of parliamentary elections in benefit of people.

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