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Abdullah: Afghanistan is not safe place for terrorists

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KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the high council for national reconciliation welcomed the killing of senior al-Qaeda leader Abu Mohsen al Masri at hands of Afghan intelligence operatives, warning terrorists that Afghanistan was not a safe place for them.

Al Masri was al Qaeda leader for Indian subcontinent and was killed over the weekend in Ghazni province.

Abdullah said Monday in a statement that “terrorist groups especially al Qaeda and Daesh should realize after the killing of their leaders that Afghanistan is not safe for their activities”.

“Unfortunately, the groups are continuing terrorist attacks in the country using war and violence,” the statement said.

It added that terrorist activities in Afghanistan would be stopped once peace was ensured.

Al Masri was a senior and key member of the terrorist group of al Qaeda. He was from Egypt and was on the United States’ wanted list.

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