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Abdullah Calls on Govt. Not To Register Tribes in e-ID Cards

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KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah, head of reconciliation council called on the statistics department not to include different tribes in the electronic identification cards.

The comment follows Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh’s reaction to the statistics department’s decision over registering small tribes in the electronic ID card.

Danesh said on Saturday that the decision would make rift and distrust between people.

Abdullah said Sunday such marginal decision would damage national unity.

He said that the government leaders need to discuss more important issues at the national level.

“While Afghanistan needs unity, consensus and agreements on big national issues, provoking the marginal issues that hurt national unity should be prevented.”

Abdullah called the decision as “a mistake”, calling on the national statistics department to correct its mistake.

The national statistics department has announced it would register 54 new tribes in the electronic ID cards. This announcement faced reactions from political figures.

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