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Abdullah denounces Imran Khan’s meddling comments

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KABUL: Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah in reaction to remarks made by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan over an interim administration in Afghanistan, said that “no country has the right to make decision on Afghanistan”.

Khan was quoted on Monday by Pakistani media as saying that an interim government would be good choice to run peace process ahead.

Abdullah on Wednesday said that Prime Minister Khan’s statements on the forming of interim government was not acceptable by any party, and “Afghan people have given sacrifices”.

He said that only Afghans could make decision on Afghanistan’s future, and because of this Afghan government called ambassador to Islamabad for consults.

Abdullah added that the government of Afghanistan has already responded Khan’s statements via diplomatic canal.

Pakistani foreign ministry said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Khan’s comments over Afghanistan were misinterpreted by media.

It added that Khan suggested Pakistani model to Afghan leaders that their elections are held by an interim government, not saying that interim government should take power in Kabul.

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