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Abdullah emphasizes on preserving constitution

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KABUL: In the midst of peace negotiations with Taliban, chief executive Abdullah Abdullah urges that the current constitution of Afghanistan should be preserved.

Abdullah who was taking in a gathering on Monday, confirmed that the government supports any efforts for peace, furthering that such talks and efforts should not jeopardize achievements.

“We praise any kind of peace talks that can ensure peace, but the talks should maintain achievements, constitution, national security and defense forces, and civil rights,” said Abdullah.

He added that the peace that jeopardizes constitution and achievements, is not acceptable.

He said that the Afghan people praise anyone who cut down his roots with the terrorists and want to live under the flag of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Abdullah emphasized on national unity and regional countries supports for peace process in the country.

Authority and government position with their problems do not deserve as the life of an ordinary Afghan and a peaceful atmosphere, he said.

It comes as US envoy for Afghan peace process Zalmay Khalilzad has started his fifth tripe to some European and Asian countries in regards with peace talks.

Khalilzad will visit Belgium, Germany, Qatar, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan till late February to discuss peace talks.

Meanwhile, President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday talking in tribal elders gathering in Shinwary district of Nangarhar has spoken out about of tremendous efforts over peace and said that strong intention has been made to end 40 years war.

Ghani said that he wants peace in Mecca (one of Muslim holy cities located in Saudi Arabia), not in Moscow. He added that he was ready for any kind of sacrifice for peace.

Ghani emphasized that presidential position is a trust from people, thus the people have its authority.

The remarks come after some of influential politician set up talks with the Taliban representatives over peace last week in Moscow.

A statement was released after the meeting that emphasized on the foreign troops’ withdrawal and lifting of the UN sanctions from Taliiban leadership.

Meanwhile, Hekmatullah Azimi, head of Institute of War and Peace insists over maintaining of the past 17 year’s achievements.

“If the Taliban want peace, they should be part of the government system, they can’t create their own system,” he said.

“In my view the majority of Afghans don’t want Taliban’s ex-system., and if the Taliban make their own system, then it is a matter of concern for Afghans. It will ruin the past achievements, and no one can ignore it.

Azimi said that the people’s views are important in the peace talks.

He hoped that Taliban shows flexibility and set up talks with Afghan government.

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